About MyoFinder™

MyoFinderMyoFinder™ is a media rich educational iPhone App that can be used as both a mobile resource for professionals and an anatomy learning tool for students.  MyoFinder™ is designed to help medical, chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage therapy students to locate muscle regions.  With the aid of the MyoQuiz™ anatomy quiz, a wealth of textbook quality content, and video instructions, students & professionals are guided through 78 individual muscles and 7 anatomical regions.

The educational videos give specific instruction on how to locate each of the individual muscles.  This is an extremely relevant & important aspect of performing any hands-on therapy.  Specificity and accuracy increase the results or outcome of an intervention/modality/therapy session.  No other anatomy software has given such pinpoint precision, at your fingertips.  It’s like carrying around a mobile mentor, who is there to guide you beyond the classroom setting and into your professional practice.

MyoFinder™ is a fast and easy reference tool that highlights all the critical information related to: Actions, Attachment Sites, Synergist, Antagonist and the muscles role in common pathologies.

Clint Chandler, a nationally recognized teacher, author, and clinician, leads the viewer in a visually rich and detailed palpatory anatomy lesson.  He has an active private massage therapy practice in Boulder, CO, and understands the value of real world experience.  In addition to being the creative force behind MyoFinder™, Clint continues to teach massage therapy students across the United States.  Learn more about Clint Chandler, his goals for MyoFinder™ and his passion for educating students in anatomy.

MyoFinder™ is a must have tool for medical, chiropractic, physical therapy, massage & bodywork professionals and students.  It is a valuable resource for acupuncturist, personal & athletic trainers, nursing & medical technicians, yoga & pilates instructors, or anyone looking to understand & locate the muscles in the human body.  Whether it is as a guide to your studies or reinforcement and reference materials for the professional, on the job, you will find MyoFinder™ an indispensable resource tool.