Cervical Spine Rotation and Resultant Hypertrophy of Sternoclediomastoid

Postural Dysfunction on December 19th, 2010 No Comments

Does sustained cervical rotation cause hypertrophy of the Sternoclediomastoid? Head and neck rotation to the left is performed by the right Sternoclediomastoid and vice versa for rotation to the right. Potential reasons for sustained cervical rotation can be attributed to better hearing and better eye sight on one side of the body or what is referred to as the tendency to maximize the position of the dominate ear and eye. Even slight cervical rotation can result in alterations in the alignment of the cervical vertebra, hence causing a reduction of active range of motion of all movement patterns. Common symptoms associated with this postural dysfunction include difficulty and painful swallowing.  In addition there are internal changes associated with the adaptive shortening of the Sternoclediomastoid and the formation of active Trigger Points. I have only witnessed this phenomena in clinical practice and have not found anything in the scientific literature related to this observation. Just another example of why it is so important to know the actions of the major muscles of the body. Would love to hear what other practitioners make of this observation and if there are any known references that would provide additional information.

Cervical Rotation

Cervical Rotation

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