Testimonials for Clint Chandler & MyoFinder™

Clint Chandler is the creating force behind MyoFinder™, the revolutionary musculoskeletal anatomy iPhone App.  Here is what his students & associates, as well as industry leaders are saying about this ultimate in-hand reference tool:

Diana L Thompson, LMP: Industry Leader: Immediate Past President, Massage Therapy Foundation

I met Clint about two weeks before he graduated from massage school over 20 years ago. I was a new teacher at Seattle Massage School and was called in to substitute for Clint’s class. The lesson plan was simple: review for the final exam. Not having sat in on any of the classes, and not yet even been assigned a class of my own, I was completely unprepared. Clint took over and taught the class confidently and professionally. I knew immediately that I wanted to work with him, somehow, somewhere in the future.

He later became an instructor at SMS. We taught the same subjects, working together on curriculum development—creating tests, lesson plans, and having many philosophical debates. He was always thought-provoking, passionate, and dedicated to excellence. I grew as a teacher and as a person working side-by-side with Clint.

Later, Clint and I decided to partner on an outside project. I had been teaching a continuing education workshop on whiplash for five years that was in need of a makeover after the departure of the lawyer I was co-teaching with. (He went on to develop bigger seminars for chiropractors.) With Clint’s magic, the workshop became a national success, implementing effective technique strategies to the legal and insurance perspectives I originally offered.

I believe MyoFinder™ will be an exceptional tool for students and working therapists, not only because Clint has the Midas touch, but because he has a grasp of human anatomy as a working therapist and a seasoned educator—he knows what we need to know and he knows how to give us the information in a tangible and user-friendly way. This tool combines his 25+ years of experience with his incessant drive to ensure we are all successful, with the information we need at our fingertips.

Nathan Butryn, RMT: Colleagues: Registered Massage Therapist, Certified Sports and Orthopedic Therapist, Lead Instructor Boulder College of Massage Therapy – Boulder, CO

Clint Chandler and I have been friends, peers, and colleagues for over 12 years now.

I first met Clint in 1998, while attending the Boulder College of Massage Therapy, as a student. I was in a motor vehicle accident (MVA), while a student. And in addition to learning from Clint as an instructor, I also received twenty five Neuromuscular Therapy sessions from him, as rehab from my injury.

It was during those sessions that I feel I learned about the field of massage therapy. I forged a friendship with Clint and became his teaching assistant, which led to becoming an instructor at Boulder College of Massage Therapy (BCMT).

Clint and I have also worked together for the following decade on numerous research projects, massage trades, and education.

Clint has a style that is unique and effective. I have always enjoyed working with and receiving work from him. He has the knowledge base that is unparalleled, but an energetic sense that is evident in his work, as well. It is this combination, alongside years of experience, that allow me to fully trust him with my body, which has had numerous injuries and needs a specific, yet caring touch. In my nearly 50 sessions with Clint, my cervical injuries, posture, and running injuries have improved every time I see him.

I believe that Clint’s experience with the human body in practice, teaching and research, more than qualify him to create the Myofinder™. I believe that he and his creation will be highly successful in the medical field and will add to the healthcare field in a positive, as Clint always has.

Karen Baker: Former Student: Certified Massage Therapist and Licensed Massage Therapist – Private Practice – Elite Energetics, LLC owner

My name is Karen Baker.  I graduated from Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 2002.  During that time, Clint Chandler was my teacher for Neuromuscular Massage.  Since graduating I have owned my own business in Colorado, worked as a massage therapist and trainer for a large spa in Florida (ranked number one in North America by Travel and Leisure), and I currently work in a five star spa/resort.

Clint Chandler is the teacher and the friend who’s instruction and guidance have made me a highly requested therapist.  I have helped many clients with muscular issues and every time I receive thanks I always tell them that I learned from the best, Clint Chandler.

As my teacher, I will never forget one of the first classes I had with Clint.  He walked over to me and touched a trigger point in my back that made me jump.  He chuckled and said that we were going to learn how to address those trigger points.  I can honestly say, eight years later, that it was Clint’s Neuromuscular Class where I learned how to treat the body.  I have a large loyal clientele, because Clint taught us posture, neuromuscular treatments, and how to figure out what is happening to the client to cause the problems.   Clint taught us how to care.

As a massage therapist, Clint is the only therapist that could help me when I was in an auto accident.  He isolated my injury and corrected it when doctors were telling me that the MRI showed everything was fine.  Clint took the time to figure out the cause of the problem.  Clint cared.

I have the utmost respect for Clint.  I have learned so much from him.  In the past eight years I have worked with some of the best therapists and personnel in the industry and I have taken numerous classes.  I can honestly say that Clint made the biggest impact on my career and was by far the best teacher I have had the pleasure of learning from.  I continuously refer to him for guidance.

Just knowing that Clint is involved with the iPhone App, MyoFinder™, tells me it will be full of relevant information that will be easy to understand and apply.  Clint cares about the health industry and the education of those who care enough to make a difference.

Jay: Massage Patient: Investment Specialist

I’ve been lucky to have received body work from Clint over the last 9 years.

I say lucky because Clint is so successful in solving all of my muscle problems and that makes me happy!

My neck used to lock up multiple times during the year or my back would spasm after skiing.  Within a couple of years, my neck was no longer locking up, and Clint starting balancing my pelvis which solved my back problem.  He has since corrected wrist, feet, knee, and TMJ issues.

He approaches every problem area from multiple angles and applies different techniques.  My favorite technique is friction. Few people do it because their fingers get tired. But Clint’s fingers are so strong that he can apply friction until the muscle lets go.

And that’s what makes Clint so good. He doesn’t stop working the muscle until it let’s go and he has created change. He has such good feel for the muscle, and know exactly how long to work it.

I can point to any muscle anywhere, and Clint knows the muscle’s name, its attachment points, and how best to treat the muscle.  And Clint gives 110% every session. He has such a high work ethic. I highly recommend anything Clint does because I know he has given it all.