Why MyoFinder™ for Massage Therapy and Bodywork Professionals & Students?

Why MyoFinder™ on September 24th, 2010 9 Comments

Teres-MajorThe primary focus of the Massage Therapy and Bodywork profession is working on and with the muscular & fascial systems of the body. Understanding the muscles location and the role each muscle plays in human movement helps the therapist determine which assessments to perform to isolate the problematic muscular and fascial regions.

A solid working knowledge of the musculoskeletal system not only guides, but also helps direct the treatment technique that is selected, as well as the actual treatment approach used for each unique client situation. Knowing the anatomy of the body will instill confidence and foster positive results for Massage Therapy students and professional Bodywork & Massage Therapists.

MyoFinder™ helps you refine your knowledge base of the various muscles and anatomy of the body or even study for an exam.

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9 Responses to “Why MyoFinder™ for Massage Therapy and Bodywork Professionals & Students?”

  1. Jessica says:

    Clint- This looks amazing! I was talking with some fellow dance teachers and dance scientists and think that it would be great for them too!

    • MyoFinder says:

      Hi Jessica, good to know that there is universal use, we will have to include that group under our heading Why MyoFinder for Dance teachers and Scientists.

  2. Clint, I just purchased Myofinder and I think it rocks! Hands down the best Iphone app. for bodyworkers! It’s absolutely the best way to learn on the go – thanks for all your hard work!
    -MIchael Moore, LMT
    Moore Massage
    Boston, MA

    • MyoFinder says:

      Thanks Michael – I think anyone in health and fitness industry will find this a great reference tool. I call it the Mobile Muscle Mentor!

  3. MyoFinder says:

    Thanks Bob, glad you like the app.

  4. Allen Rubin says:

    Would love to see this available for Android!

  5. Leave it to Clint to come up with this wonderful and useful tool. It is just that, Clint, “a cool tool”!! I am certain it will be utilized by many folks interested in better understanding the anatomy of our human body. Congrats! And keep up the wonderful work!!!

  6. Joe says:


    I really love this app. I’m a student of Massage therapy my friend showed me on her phone and since then i have been trying to get it on my samsumg droid phone, is there any way i can get it on there.?? please help

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