Why MyoFinder™ for the Physical Therapy Professionals & Students?

Why MyoFinder™ on September 22nd, 2010 6 Comments

VideoThe primary focus of Physical Therapy is to help people recover from injury and increase each patient’s physical capacity and ability to adapt to any permanent disability. Rehabilitation exercises and fitness instruction requires a specialized knowledge base and skill set associated with the musculo-skeletal system. MyoFinder™ is a quick and easy reference tool that assists the Physical Therapist in making important clinical decisions related to the muscles’ role in Gait, Range of Motion, Strength, and Posture. This critical information can help design appropriate treatment plans that address the specific weaknesses, limited range of motion, faulty posture and improve the overall functional capacity of the individual patient.

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6 Responses to “Why MyoFinder™ for the Physical Therapy Professionals & Students?”

  1. Mike Pascoe says:

    Very nice app! I am not a PT myself, but my wife is and I will soon be teaching anatomy to PT students in the Univ of Colorado PT Program. I’ll check this out and see where it fits in mobile references for PTs.

    - Mike

    • MyoFinder says:

      Thanks Mike for checking us out. Please let us know if we can answer any questions you or your wife may have about the app.

  2. Herb Gleason says:

    When will this app be avalible for android phones?

  3. Lynne S says:

    Any plans for Palm or Android Apps? I’d buy for my Palm (always liked the pun-ness of a massage therapist with a third ‘Palm’)

    • MyoFinder says:

      I agree that having a third palm could truly be a boon to any massage therapist. Unfortunately none of those palms will contain MyoFinder in the near future. We are currently in the early stages of preparing the app for android and will announce a release date as soon as we know it.

  4. MyoFinder says:

    Thanks alot – I didnt think anyone was reading them.

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